Use of GPS with Lora 32 board?


I’d like to use a GPS (BN-220) with the ESP32 Lora board. I was thinking to use the UART0 that looks to be the only one avalaible (U1 is not wired, and U2 is used for onboard features). Unhappy I’m unable to get any datas from GPS module when wired on it. The LEDs on the GPS confirms me it has well a GPS position but nothing coming in the ESP. I discovered UART0 is used also for flash/debug so is it the problem ? and if so does it mean I can’t use that UART and so no way to use such serial GPS board with that ESP32 device ??
Will it be same issue with Cubecell 1/2AA ??

Thanks for clarifications,



UART0 is occupied by USB.

you can use Pin redefinition.

Ah thanks for confirmation for UART0 ! Unhappy code I use for GPS communication states to use HardwareSerial function that works only with chip UART GPIOs so I guess I can’t do that with the Lora32 Board as it has no UART wired avalaible ? :frowning: