US915 16 channles

I am using rakwireless RAK7249 Macro Outdoor

We are working in US915 with 16 channels.

Frequency Sub-Band
Channel 0 - Channel15, channel 64 - channel 65 (16 channels)

The gateway have 2 concentrators.

Can you please make recomendations to correct configuracion of cubecell Sub-Band to work with 16 channels pls.

I attach screenshots of my settings.

@Supporter can you help with this ?

You can enable channel 0-15,64 and 65 as follow picture

its work
/LoraWan channelsmask, default channels 0-15 - 64 and 65/
uint16_t userChannelsMask[6]={ 0xFFFF,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,0x0003,0x0000 };