Update for HT-M02


@Aaron, @Supporter
are there any news about the update for the HT-M02 with the new Webinterface and chirpstack server?

@Aaron @Supporter
any news on the release date for the HT-M02 update?
Even if there is a beta i would like to test it.

It will coming in the next few days…

We can’t back to our office now, can’t take some screen shot for the update process, so we can’t make document for that.

Will it be possible to forward the packets to more than one server? I would like to forward to ttn and my chirpstack server

hope you and your families are all well.

please when can we get the update for the HT-M02?
will it be possible to transfer lora data to more than one server?

any update on this topic?

i dont need the integrated loraserver but the possibility to send data to more than one loraserver.

please let me know when we can have the update.