Unsolved Change frequency, from EU868 to KZ865(KZ868)

Hello, how can we add new frq mode or something like that for my region, we need to use KZ868, but you have only EU868, how can we change channels values and etc

i use as reference eu868, change freq and data rate and all worked

Now i found the problem with connection and etc with that sort of freq plan, i think that i made mistakes when i changing it, maybe in the future you can give us kz865(kz868) freq plan

Excuse me, you are in that area. I don’t find kz865 in the Lora alliance

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As i know, like Dragino lgt-92(Gps ) have this freq plan and local made gateways have it too, and we tested it and it worked, we need it because of regional restrictions

Which development board do you use?
Can you list every frequency? I’ll try to add it to the development board code.

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i use Heltec 1/2aa node, and i can list every freq for this board, and i also tried to modify eu868 to kz865(868), it connected but works not fine

Thats the list of freq


also i found This! and This as a reference

Can you provide kz865 related documents?
We need more information to make more reliable services.

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we’he only found what i send you previously, and this(info in Russian language)

You can try to modify the frequency indicated in the picture first. We will release a new version after modification and testing.

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Канал is a Chanell and Радио is a Radio, for your knollege, thank you, we waiting it

As we do not have this type of gateway at present, we need to modify more places and take a long time. Can you help us make a modification and simple test according to the instructions in the picture?

in a future yes, but now our gateway is it another city

That’s OK. Thank you very much!