Unconditional Rejoin at Power-Cycle (or UNJOIN function)

Is there a way to force the node to an unconditional rejoin at each powercycle?

I use the standard setup:

void setup() {
	deviceState = DEVICE_STATE_INIT;

I tried to leave out the ifskipjoin function, but it did not help. Do I need to use the netInfoDisable()-function? How can I do it?



Maybe I have to ask in another way: how do I do an UNJOIN?

Thank you @jasonXu , but that does not what I want to do. I do not send confirmed uplinks. I just want to make sure that a power cycle will trigger a rejoin to the network (I am using OTAA).

I saw the following:

/* set LORAWAN_Net_Reserve ON, the node could save the network info to flash, when node reset 
not need to join again */

I set that to OFF. It does do a Join when I use (“AT+RESET=1”), but not when I just powercycle the node. I’d like to get the same effect as the Reset with the AT-command.


can you explian the “powercycle”. we just konw the dutycycle.

@jasonXu: with “powercycle” I mean when I turn off and on the power on the node. In other words a restart of the node.


Maybe you can use the Class C to verify your ideal.

Class A power consumption is very low. Filter capacitor is added to the voltage part of CubeCell. When the development board is powered on, these capacitors will be charged. Our guess is: After the development board was powered off, it was re-powered in a short time.The energy stored in the capacitor has not had time to be released completely.
This is equivalent to: Your device is not powered off.

Maybe you can increase the duration of the power outage.

@jasonXu: Thank you for this answer. It is plausible, that the capacitor will power the development board for a short time. I will try that out.

@jasonXu : I can confirm, that an increased duration of the power-down is the solution. Thanks again!

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