UARTs on CubeCell GPS

We’re developing a new product and I have been experimenting with the CubeCell range which are very nice products and well suited to what we need to do. I presently have an AB-02. We’re using TX2/RX2 to interface with a sensor. I understand that TX1/RX1 are the same UART as the USB interface so they’re not really available for the user?

I’d also like to add GPS functionality. If I understand correctly, on the CubeCell GPS, the Air 530 uses the second UART (TX2/RX2)?

What I really need is three UARTS, one reserved for the USB interface, one for the GPS and one available for the user/sensors. Please let me know if any of your hardware configurations are suitable for this.



Here is the code of the software UART:

Maybe you can use it to be the third UART.

And maybe you can also refer this topic:

Thanks Jason. A hardware UART would be nice for the interrupt functionality but thanks for the suggestion of SoftwareSerial.