UART software buffer

can anyone help me to start software buffer? I want to recieve and process big ammount of data without saving it. Default, UART use 8-byte FIFO buffer, but i need 64 or more bytes. I found that ASR6501 can generate interrupt after byte recived. This interrupt can copy recived byte form FIFO buffer to software buffer. On page 31 in this document is shown an example but it is for PSoC creator. I think that probably my problem is in configure interrupt. Do anyone know how to start software buffer?

The ASR chip is flashed with a psoc bootloader unless buffer size is stated in the psoc user bootloader(which is available online) then you should be able to change it in c/c++ code.

what about using SPI for data transfer of does it have to be part?


Thanks for reply :wink:
Did you mean define UART_2_UART_RX_BUFFER_SIZE in UART_2_SPI_UART.h file? When i just change it eg. to 16u, the UART not recive any data. Have you any example how to use software buffer?