Turtle node-to-node payload limit

I’m having trouble sending payloads bigger than 48 bytes (including the RadioShuttle 12 byte header)
Once it goes above 48 bytes the receiver is unable to decode it.
Is there meant to be a limit?

It is important to know which settings you are using:

  • Bandwidth, Spreading-Factor
  • Password set?
  • AES active?
  • And finally the software type and version (I hope latest from git earlier this week)
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925 Mhz, BW 125 kHz, TX 14, SF 7, AES not active, No password

Software - Radio_Test_New & RadioShuttle commit from 12 hours ago

With message length 51 bytes it works but change it to 52 bytes (64 bytes including header) and the message its not received properly and the client tries to send it again.

The Antenna is a 868 MHz Antenna, and Board design is developed for 868 MHz. Do you have a 915 MHz board version and 915 MHz antenna?

We are using 915 MHz boards and antenna