Turtle Board: Problems with LoRaWAN example code

Hello everyone!

Has anyone ever used the Turtle Board to send data to TTN using the US 915 MHz band? I’m using the HT-M01 gateway and I have had some problems

I downloaded the latest version of the LoRaWAN example code for the Turtle Board from Hetltec’s resource page. Then I configured the Comissioning.h file of the code with the corresponding information for it to match the Dev EUI, App EUI and App Key with the one showed on TTN (I’m using OTAA btw).

When I upload the binary file to the Turtle Board this is what I see on the terminal:

As you can see, the Turtle Board joined to the LoRa Network, however the data did not send correctly or at least it was not received correctly by the gateway. From the gateway, I could notice that every time the gateway receives a package the CRC_FAIL is 100%.

I’ve tried separating the node form the gateway from a distance of 10 meters but the same thing happens. In the macro definitions of the code I use: USE_BAND_915

What’s weird is that I’ve used this same gateway with other Heltec LoRa nodes (Wireless Stick Lite, and different types of CubeCells) and everything worked fine and the gateway is configured the same way. Does anyone know what could be the problem here?

I am currious if you have been able to solve the issue. I am having similar issue where Turtle board with Heltec Lorawan code not able to join and transmit data to Lorawan gateway (TTN indoor Gateway).
But other nodes are able to connect with the gateway. I am also using 915 MHz band.