Turtle Board & Mbed5.x

Just seeing if anyone is using the Turtkle board with Mbed5.x ? The example code is for mbed2.x and compiles and works fine. However my node code is in Mbed5.x.

I can compile and run mbed5.15 simple test code onto the turtle, but cannot get the USB serial port to work at all. Has anyone got the serial port talking to a PC under mbed5.x at all, and if so some assistance would be apprecaited.

@Heltec - Can you let me know what I/O pins are used for the USB connector please ?

Many thanks

Here is the pin connection of Turtle board:

  • PA12 -- USB DP
  • PA11 -- USB DN

about the mbed5.x version problem, I need confirm and give feedback later.

At present the RadioShuttle software for the Turtle board works with mbed-os 2 only because so far mbed-os 2 requires significant less ram and flash resources. It works perfect using the mbed.org online compilers as well offline GCC/GDB based environments, or Keil MDK.

ARM Mbed OS 5 received some weeks ago a bare-metal mode which reduces ram and flash resources a lot. We are working on the next major software release in including:

  • Full mbed-os 5 support (regular or bare-metal)
  • Git based repositories for all our libraries and the app software
  • Git based RadioShuttle protocol source code availability (allows to join work on this)
  • Mbed online compiler support as well offline GCC/GDB support
  • Mbed Studio offline support (scheduled, hopefully ARM gets Mbed Studio is ready for this)

I believe we are talking about the 2-3 month from now.
Regards from www.RadioShuttle.de

Thank you for the quick response. Will put PA11 & 12 into the serial port code to see if it communicates back to the Mac OK. I am using CoolTerm terminal interface, which works will when talking with your example Radio code.