TTN connection problem with HT-M00 gateway and ESP32 LORA V2.1 node

I have my gateway connected to TTN on the 915 mhz frequency, but I cannot connect the nodes to TTN. I have tried all the PINOUT configurations, I have dealt with different nodes, even with ttgo. I tried with OTA and with ABP. But I have no connection, I am with the problem for 2 months, any help? I attach the messages that are shown, with different codes.



What are your gateway and nodes?

Can you check your devEUI and appKEY.

I have the Heltec HT-M00 gateway for the 915Mhz frequency, and the nodes are Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 V2.
If I have correct the devEUI, appKEY and the node license. I am using the example of the ESP32_LORAWAN library, as you can see in the image, it remains in joining.


Have you noiticed these:

I just checked and if I have it configured as recommended

hey guys how can i change the preamble on HT-M00 or acces to this file?


Sorry, Currently impossible.

HT-M00 is not open source yet.