TTGO released board with ASR6505

What do you think about this board?

so many pins so many ideas to use them :wink:
i would like to see a heltec version with arduino support.

Hope to get the new ASR6502 version soon

We got the relevant SDK in the 6505 sample internal test phase. But because 6505 is an STM8 core, only provided 65K FLASH and 16MHz speed. So we give up it and choose ASR6501 and ASR6502.

The development environment of ASR is very difficult to use and not friendly for new users, and there are very few documents (Aaron complained that the development process is more like cracking), so we made Arduino support.

The first 6502 board will finish next week. It’s charming :wink:

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great news.
i know the 6505 has fewer resources.
i only like the amount of free pins.

i will stay with the Heltec products because of the arduino support and the overall support from all of you from heltec.

please give some more information about the new 6502 range of cubecell.
if still confidential you can send them in a private message or via email.
i will sign a contract if needed.

i need infos as soon as possible because i would like to make a new node with the new ASR6502 and would like to design the PCBs even without having a CubeCell here. The PCBs needs up to 2 weeks to get here and i hope i can have the new ASR6502 cubecell here in 2 weeks too :wink:

It might be bad for you if you give pin information now. This time we plan release 4 new boards with different usage situations.

We just made a proofing board to verify the software. Later, we need to do a series of tests and verifications such as impedance matching, communication distance test, stability assessment, etc., and the pin order may also change.

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thank you for that info.
i will wait for the finished product