Transfer Analog Signal through LoRaWAN

Hi guys,
What I/O-Pins can i use, for transferring an analog Signal on LoRaNodeV2 A (INPUTPIN) to LoRaNodeV2 B (OUTPIN)?
Does the V2-Board have a DAC-Output? Or only PWM-Pins?

Update: The analog Signal is 0…3,3V, but i can reduce it to 0…1000mV if necessary.

is this the board
if so it shows the green analogue inputs and shows the 2 DACs


Thank you iann, so far it seems to work, but i have more questions:

  1. how can i increase the sending speed? It takes 496ms to send 7Bytes.
    Doesnt matter if i send on 433MHz or 868MHz.
  2. it seems like it doesn’t matter, if i declare a pin as INPUT, are all pins automatically set as PinMode(…,INPUT)? Is there any else Pin than “0” that i can define as INPUT-PULLUP?
  3. when do i have to use the ADC-attach function? Is it only to measure the on-board-connected battery? And can it only be attached to (13)?

The frequency you send on doesn’t set speed, frequency determines things like the waves spread / go through solid objects etc. ie 434 should go through walls better

To increase sending speed in LoRa you need to use wider channels, less spreading, chip codes etc. so more of what is sent is data and not spreading. I expect these will be set to some default
in a header file that needs to be edited or new values set. Sending faster will probably mean sending less distance. If you need the range then you may have to change program to send less often so you don’t use up your duty cycle allowance.

for the attach function, see the examples here they answer your queries.

have fun