Supress Boot Messages

With a normal ESP32 when you pull pin 15 low it should supress the boot messages. Is there a way to do the same and turn off the boot messages with the Wireless Shell?
In the IDE i have set the core debug level to “NONE” and tried pulling pin 15 low however still getting the boot messages.

Managed to get that one sorted. Pin 15 has a pullup resistor so you dont need a pull down resistor and you need to recompile and upload the sketch for some reason after you have pulled pin15 low.

I don’t think there was a pull-up resistor in the GPIO15

Yea, putting a 4.7K to ground did not work at all. In theory that should have pulled it low enough. even reducing that to 1k did not work however tying it to ground worked a treat indicating that there may be one there.

It also seems to boot just a little faster with the messages turned off.