Strange syncing problem

I have strange syncing problem.My device i work very fine util ver:1.2.2, when it is fully synchronized

works a few hours and starts to fall behind, average lag every day 260 blocks! After reboot begins to catch up with the network in about 2-3 hours, and work fine 1-2 hours and start again lag block sync? What can i do?

I’m having the same issue, all of my hotspots went offline around 17/18hr ago and haven’t caught up to the blockchain again. Someone said in the discord a snapshot was loaded that was 3k blocks behind.

Same issue , syncing since more than 12h and flat activity also since yesterday…

I unplug adapter for a 2 minutes, and plug again, then for now there is no problem, synchronize without lag.
Just low reward :slight_smile:

Can someone upload a snapshot?

i can, but where to upload, may be in chat room in discord ?

You can upload on, please?

well, a little later that I’m not home

Same isue. My heltecs are both stuck at 1108490

unplug adapter from the power socket for 2 min and plug again

Doesn’t help. Still slowly syncing.

I’m syncing my hotspot for the first time. Somewhere after block 1108500 it breaks and loads a snapshot. Will it help me if someone provides me a snapshot that is already higher?


After 1.2.3 syncing was 1000 block back?WTF?

Could someone provide an new snapshot please? It’s 800 blocks away again. For no reason it stopped syncing yesterday in the evening.

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the below link is exported from my hotspot and has 1117210 blocks


i have same problem. Anyone solve this problem?

i just tried this link hope it works miners been on block one for 4 months now trying to get this up and running again, have a rak wireless needs a new sd card also

took the snap shot thank you for this now see if the firmware updates