Strange RSSI beviour


I have noticed a strange RSSI behaviour during a range test. I was usuing the pingpong example from

With +22dbm setup, SF12 and standard antenna I was able to get over 1.5km line of sight with a RSSI of -89 to -92.

I went 50m more away and suddendly it was not possible to get a signal anymore. Is there a possibility to improve the sensitivity of the CubeCell board?

According to the Semtech SX1262 datasheet the sensitivity does down to -148 dBm.

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Do you have any ideas?

Indeed I still don’t fully understand the mechanism of RSSI calculation… please refer to this code from the original Semtech LoRaMac-Node code:

Here, it’s fixed by software… I don’t know how and why, so I just refer it.

I believe is a software problem, the communication distance is correct. you need place one node on a higher place.

As we tested with gateway (470~510MHz CubeCell and HT-M02 gateway), in CN470-510 band, the node’s maximum output power should lower than 17dB, in this situation, maximum distance is 4.5Km.

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I don’t use a gateway, I just operate with two CubeCell boards. Are the 4.5km in LOS conditions or through buildings?

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Hi, sorry for my poor English, is the LOS conditions means open area?

Yes, we tested in open area. If without a high gain PA/FEM, I think no normal LoRa node device can reach 4.5Km through many buildings.

Line Of Sight…