Spreading factor under LoRaWAN

Is the spreading factor handled automatically in the CubeCell LoRaWAN implementation, or is it settable? If automatic, is it readable?


OK, I think I’ve answered my own question. The SF is linked to the data rate, which adapts to the conditions.

The spreading factor can also be fixed by ADR automatically. The premise is that the server must support ADR.

BTW. TTN seems not to support ADR.


@Supporter which server does support ADR?

ChirpStack: https://www.chirpstack.io/

@Supporter HT-M02 is ready to use chirpstack? I mean is just register the gateway like in TTN or I need to install some features at linux?

Yes, HT-M02 had already integrated an internal LoRa server and MQTT service, and also very easy to configure. It has fully LoRaWAN 1.0.2 features support, including ADR. You just need to choose the correct working band in the config page:

If you need HT-M02 connect to a ChirpStack server, is very simple too, just need to choose “Custom Server” and correctly fill in the server address.

@Supporter this page is different from mine.

When I find the my ip, I can see these infos:

How can I update?

We are still on testing this update. We will release it next week. You can update it via a Micro SD card.

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@Supporter do you have a date for releasing the new software version for the HT-M02.
you can send me even the latest beta and i will test it.