Spreading Factor setup

Hello everyone,
i am working with the Lorawan OTAA example but the default SF is not working for me and i cant find where to set it.
Could someone please help me?
Thank you in advance.
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It is recommended that you use this function to set:
void setDataRateForNoADR(int8_t dataRate);

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Hi Navi and thanks for your help.
I was checking, but i guess i have another problem.
First, Ive been using the lorasender example, and my node works perfect (i have a heltec V2 stick with oled ). I found it on my spectrum analyzer and my packet forwarder works good too.
But i realized when i use the OTAA example, that the module its not tramsitting…I write the AppKey, the license but when i wath my spectrum analyzer i found nothing…Do you guess what i am doing wrong?
Thank you in advance.
Best Regardas

You can check the information printed by the serial port first!

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