Some new CubeCell products

Some pictures of proofing version CubeCell products. The final products will public sales next week.

One of the ASR6502 boards:

Capsule sensor with solar panel:


Final release version will have different color.

@supporter do you have a pinout and dimensional drawing for the new board?
In the pic i cant read all pin descriptions
would like to create a pcb for my nodes with it.

we are still waiting the final PCB done.

Out of interest, how does the cost compare with the ASR6501 Cubecell boards?
Any plans for a lower cost dev board without OLED?

Is clock accuracy still an issue?

Of course have low cost version without OLED.

The system clock problem is come from the ASR6502 core. But we can avoid this problem by calibrating the algorithm, using RTC clock, etc.

Any idea on when the solar ones will be available? Would like to see some mounting options as well. A stable node for the gyro is a must.

The solar one is appealing!

Do I recall correctly that you said at some point that you anticipated selling a version of the CubeCell with a JST-GH female 2 pin cable already attached? Or am I dreaming? I do think it would be an attractive option even at some additional cost.

Not sure where I saw it, but I thought I read you will be releasing the new CubeCell boards today. Hopefully it includes the solar Capsule.

Yes, the new batch Capsule Sensor (no solar panel) already have a SH-1.25 female socket inside, it’s already together produced with the new Capsule Sensor.

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Really very ashamed… The release process was not smooth. Hope everyone can forgive us.

Aaron plans to move the website to a new server and release new products at the same time. However, some problems occurred during the site migration, we need to ensure that all user information (order information, login information, synchronization information with the forum) is perfectly retained. The database needs careful comparison and inspection, which takes a lot of time.

Planned to be completed tonight or tomorrow

I see the new Cubecell products were released. Question about the new capsule. It says solar and in one of the pictures is looks like it comes with a solar panel, but in another picture it looks like a magnet. Can you clarify if this is a solar panel or a magnet?

That’s a small solar panel inside the plastic shell.

Ok, thanks I will order some now. Do you know when these will be shipping?

May 1st to 5th is a national holiday in China, I think the new capsules can be shipped on May 8th.

I just received the one I ordered but am not seeing the female socket for the battery… Would you kindly show it in a photo? Is it possible that I received one from the old batch and should have specified that I needed one from the new batch?

You can solder your own connector for the old capsules


Thanks. I’m 100% sure that you can… Somewhat less certain that I can :wink:

@Xuzhi do you have any instructions on how I could get the product I had hoped for with that Sh-1.25 female socket inside? That seems not to be what I received on my recent order. Thanks.

The new generation CubeCell Capsule sensor with battery and solar panel socket.