[SOLVED] MPU9250 Example

I am trying to use the example that is in the library for the CubeCell. Only modifying the the keys and updating the channel mask. It will authenticate but will not send uplinks or will send one uplink then nothing. The serial output will continue to show activity but nothing in console shows up. If I modify the AppDataSize = line to 11 or less it will send uplinks and they are received but because I have limited the add data size the payload does not appear correct. I have tried modifying the AppDataSize in both the .h and .cpp files but nothing works. Has anyone else experienced this? Or know of a fix? I should add that this is the same on all the examples that have the AppDataSize greater than 11.

Are you use the US915 band?

Yes. Is there something else I need to change to get it to work?

Well I have tried going through some of the libraries and changing some of the settings but no luck. Still stuck at the app Size 11 issue.

I have had a few other people with the CubeCell board try and they are having similar issues when using US915. I also tried a few of the other examples and its the same problem when the AppDataSize is over 11 so i think it is a problem in the Lorawan.App or commissioning library.

sadly I am still at a road block with this issue. Has anyone had any success in sending appData greater than 11?

I am sorry that i cant help.
With EU868 frequency all data with even the max data size is send

Someone figured it out…with the DR_0 it is capped at 11. Changed DR_1 and its now capped at 53.
Problem solved.