[SOLVED]Mpu9250/55 with halfAA LoRa node wake on motion problems

Hello, so i’ve already creates few topics with my problems here, but no one understand me, so, i need to do wake on motion sensor based on any motion sensor with interrupt, so i choosed MPU9250(GY9250),
and have a lot of problems with it, first of all i2c scaner code can’t found mpu, second that the mpu example for the cube cell products don’t have such a function as interrupt and can’t change interuption treshhold. So the only mpu that worked with mpu examlpe for 1/2AA cube cell node is GY-91 whitch doesn’t have interruption pin. I’ve tried to found some libraries and etc and it doesnt work, so i don’t know what to do…

Thats the mpu witch i use

So I haven’t used the 1/2AA, but on other heltec/arduinos (and the board in the picture) this works.

Yep, i also tried this code, but 1/2aa can’t scan device by i2c scanner, and it can’t take the values, i tried this code and this mpu on arduino uno and it works, only on 1/2aa node it can’t work

already tried to change my 1/2aa, because i have a new one, and it stil can’t found device…

and 5 minutes later it works in new 1/2 aa node, i think thats because the old one have problem with some of i2c pin… so the problem solved thanks for all

Great! But it seems like the 1/2AA has two IC2 buses, you could try the other bus if you need to use it ?

yep, i know, but i can’t reach the device from i2c2 too