[SOLVED] Maximum packetsize for LoRa-Node-to-Node?

I’m using HelTecAutomation/ESP32_LoRaWAN to send large LORA-messages (directly from node to node) for testing reasons (not operational) with

#define RF_FREQUENCY                                868000000 // Hz
#define TX_OUTPUT_POWER                             15        // dBm
#define LORA_BANDWIDTH                              1         // [0: 250kHz,
#define LORA_SPREADING_FACTOR                       7         // [SF7..SF12]
#define LORA_CODINGRATE                             1         // [1: 4/5,
#define LORA_PREAMBLE_LENGTH                        0         // Same for Tx and Rx
#define LORA_SYMBOL_TIMEOUT                         0         // Symbols
#define LORA_FIX_LENGTH_PAYLOAD_ON                  false
#define LORA_IQ_INVERSION_ON                        false
#define RX_TIMEOUT_VALUE                            1000
#define BUFFER_SIZE                                 300 // Define the payload size here

However the ESP WIFI LoRa 32 V2 stops receiving packets bigger than 64 chars and starts receiving again the first letters, after the packet size is greater than 256.

Is there a bufferlimit or something else, which cause an receiving stop at bigger packets than 64 chars?

Thanks in advance

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hey sut_2, I am working on the same problem
we have an other place to talk about this too:

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As shown in the figure, change the content in the red box in “sx1276-board.h” to 0xFF, and the maximum packet size is 255.

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Thank you very much!!

It’s important to redefine #define BUFFER_SIZE

Edit: I redifined it to 121 … that works for 255 sized packets. Don’t know if this is correct (because of the smalll number) or just luck to write onto non-alloc’ed registers without getting into trouble.

Do you have any idea?