[SOLVED] ESP32 Wifi 32 & Eclipse+Sloeber - board stuck on init

I recently moved from Arduino IDE to Eclipse.IDE 10.0
I’m using Eclipse CDT, and Arduino Sloeber v4
I’ve been able to compile and test several sketches on my Wifi Kit 32 with OLED, so basic setup is working.
However sometimes my board hangs during setup, after having called Heltec.begin. Reset does not help. To fix this, I must change a bit of the code and recompile. Seems to me like something is not quiet right in the settings, seems like a not initialized variable being used.
Note: I’ve been using the same sketch on Arduino IDE and this never happened.
Needless to say no errors or warnings in compiler and linker.

my setup code:
// init chipset
Heltec.begin(true /DisplayEnable Enable/, false /LoRa Enable/, true /Serial Enable/);

Serial.println("Initializing board");

output on serial COM when stuck:
configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:1
entry 0x400806ac
Serial initial done

that last y is the last thing I get form the serial.

I’m using the heltec ESP32 libs 0.0.5.
Anyone faced this situation already?


you can refer this picture. Call the initialization statement directly in the “.ino” file(serial, display,…begin)

Thanks Jason,
I figured out the issue was a setting in the project: PSRAM. The Heltec ESP32 Kit doesn’t have PSRAM, but in the ECLIPSE project it was enabled.

I just changed the setting to “disabled”, cleaned the project, full rebuild, and didn’t have the issue anymore.