[Solved]Device interrupt not wake

Hello every one, i use Heltec 1/2aa LoRa node and use attach interrupt, with Hall sensor, i tested it without Lora code, and degitalRead says values high or low so, this can be used for interrupt, and the device understand that, but it send into serial monitor “unconfirmed uplink sending …” and nothing more, if i send something by arduino serial port monitor it says that the device waiking up, how can i fix this

From the information printed from your device, everything working is normal.

The function of this example is that after the button, the system wakes up, then sends data, after the data is sent, then goes to sleep again. Because you choose Unconfirmed mode, there is no DownLink.

i found the problem, that because i modifyed the lora freq plan, and the gateway cant normaly connect to the device, now all ok