[SOLVED]Cubcell and LifePo4 batteris

The documentation for the CubeCell says it will manage the recharging of Lithium batteries. Does that include the LifePo4 rechargable battery’s?

What is LifePo4 battery? If there is a protection board on your battery, I think the answer is YES.

Lithium iron phosphate battery. I read that a standard lithium charger will work but wanted to check to see if anyone here was aware of anything that might affect the battery or the board.

LifePo4 can be charged without problems.

they are much more tollerant to overvoltage as LiIon or LiPo batteries.

It is common to charge a 12v 4pack with a normal charger used for car batteries

Perfect. They are much more stable and heat tolerant than LiPo batteries as well.
Thanks for all the assistance today.

Let us know if it works. I use LFE (LiFePO4) a lot for their safety, but always hook them straight to the 3.3v rail without a charger or regulator in the way. Very efficient, but I have to make sure I don’t put them in backwards. LFE cells have a nice flat voltage profile right at about 3.25v for a long time during discharge and will run an ESP32 or CubeCell very well. I wasn’t convinced that was enough voltage to run the boards correctly if tied through the charging circuit, but it would be great to hear otherwise. I have to admit I didn’t try it because I don’t have solar where I’m placing my devices and didn’t want to waste power on the charging circuit.

Personally, even if it works I would be a bit leery of designing a product to charge LFE cells using the LiPo (LiCoO2) chargers. LFE charging cuts off at 3.65, and thus gives you a nice safety margin below the LiPF6 electrolyte breakdown at 4.3 volts. LiPo runs right up to 4.2, and thus we have some of the issues of laptops catching on fire when something or other gets a little out of tolerance. That sort of negates some of the advantage of choosing LFE in the first place.

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