[Solved] ADC_battery example

Sorry, your equation is correct.

I check with the ADC example in Cubecell library.
When I apply 1V to the ADC pin, the RAW output is 1003.
When I apply 2.1V to the ADC pin, the RAW output is 2109.
It seems it is converted to mV in heltec ADC library.

In HeltecTM CubeCellTM Series Frequently Asked Questions, It noted ADC input voltage can NOT higher than 2.4V. Please check your ADC pin input voltage within range or not.

If your setup is correct,when you connect 2.9V battery and add voltage divider(220k +100k). The voltage on ADC pin should be 2.9*100000/(220000+100000)= 0.90625V, the RAW value should be around 906.

#include “Arduino.h”

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:

uint16_t voltage;

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

//ADC == ADC1
voltage=analogRead(ADC);//return the voltage in mV, max value can be read is 2400mV
Serial.print(" ");

One more thing. If you connect the battery externally, please remember to remove the 0ohm jumper (BR0) of the internal voltage divider.

Hi @ksckung,

Thank you for your reply. Like noted we are using the recommended schematic with the voltage divider circuitry.

Again just to reiterate the issue is that the ADC raw reading does not go below ~1100mV. I will double-check all the raw readings from 700mV - 2300mV to confirm exactly what raw range we are getting. From the previous testing though the ADC raw value will not go below ~1000mV-1100mV.

Try for yourself maybe, if you make the voltage divider(220k +100k) on the raw ADC pin, remove 0ohm jumper (BR0) and then hook up a power supply simulating a battery voltage of 3.3V. What is the raw ADC value that you get, and then when you do the math does that equate to 3.3V?

Digital multimeter reading:
3.3v: 3.297V
ADC pin: 1.037V



Apply 2.9V and 1V using power supply, also get correct reading.

I use two Cubecell boards HTCC-AB01 withe the examples Skech “LoRaWAN_BMP280.ino”
When I connect a lipo battery with 4.18V, I get through the serial monitor arduino a value of 4202 . Does the library convert that to mV?
Another question:
In my Cubecell Board block diagram there are no 220k and 100k voltage dividers between Vbat and ADC.
(these are only available on the Board WiFi_Lora 32 (V2.1)
just a voltage divider with 2 x 10 kOhm. Is there for the Cubecell
different versions?
Can someone help me?

yes, the anwser is YES.