Show receiv date on the OLED Display

I don’t have much experience in programming and so far only have simple things written. I have a few questions about the Wifi Lora 32 Board V2.1.
I’m using the OTAA_OLED example provided in the Arduino IDE. After entering the license and the TTN data it works very well without any problems.
The display shows me the strings of the LoRaWANClass.
I can control the data-traffic via the TTN console. I also get the Receive data: rssi, snr datarate displayed via the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE. (s. ESP_LoRaWAN.cpp)
But I would also like to see this data on the OLED-display, such as the strings LORAWAN STARTING etc.

Can someone help me?


Please refer the picture.

Thank you for your prompt reply,
The status information Joining … etc. are shown on the OLED display
displayed. That is correct and it also works.
But I want to see the variable values on the OLED display, such as rssi = -120, snr = 28 Datarat = 5
The serial monitor outputs these values, but not the OLED display
To do this, a line of code must be added. And I still don’t know enough about that.