Shipping Cost DHL vs. YANWEN


I would like to buy two LoRa-Boards. In the shopping cart, shipping costs are now 26,80 $
(shipped with DHL to Germany)

For past orders, the shipping costs were $3.20 via YANWEN Fast Line (7~20 days)

How can i get a shipping with YANWEN?



Because of the spread of the coronavirus around the world, many international flights have been grounded, and our local YANWEN Express has stopped receiving goods. So it is expected that before June, we can only ship by expensive expresses such as DHL or FedEx.

Very sorry about that, hope the situation is normalizing fast.

It’s a real issue and pretty responsible of them, my (YANWEN) order from Feb 29 is still trying to leave Dongguan, from the tracking it looks like it got assigned/loaded onto a plane twice now without leaving yet. Fingers crossed for this second attempt, two weeks after the first. The pile of packages must be huge.

Once it finally arrives in country I expect postal delays will occur too.

Frustrating for everyone, at least software is faster to deliver and our Heltec friends are able to work.

Coronavirus is a challenge for the whole world. We have lost a lot of parcels. It is not just a matter of express delivery. The price of materials has increased and the delivery time has been extended are also difficult for us.

In any case, our plan is to do all the preparations during the epidemic, and hope that when the corona virus is over, the complete LoRa solution and ecosystem will be open to everyone. :grinning:

of course I understand that everything is no longer working as usual.

One more question, if I place a larger order and then choose DHL as the shipper, are the import duties (Germany) already included?



Not include I think.

Indeed I know nothing about the international delivery and business. You can contract my colleagues of sales department. They are experienced in this area。 :grinning:

my (YANWEN) order from Feb 29 is still trying to leave Dongguan

Odd. We placed an order for 5 cubecell boards direct from the Heltec store on the 17th March (shipped via Yanwen @$8.50).

It was dispatched on 27th and landed in the UK on the 3rd of April. Currently en route to local distribution centre.

NB. To cover my bases I made a similar order from Heltec’s Aliexpress store and according to tracking that one should be arriving Tomorrow.