Sensors and Accessories for the CubeCell Capsule

This Sensors do work directly with the capsule (Plug and Play):

CubeCell Capsule Sensor Board with BME680
CubeCell Capsule Sensor Board with BME280
CubeCell Capsule Sensor Board with CJMCU-8128
CubeCell Capsule Sensor Board with CCS811, BME280 and BH1750
CubeCell Capsule Sensor Board with BME680 and BH1750

for the MJMCU-8128 Sensor you need a new cap for the sensor side of the capsule:

Capsule CAP for bigger sensors

LiPo Batteries for the Capsule:

Battery 100mAh for Capsule

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@rsmedia Could you kindly suggest sensors which can be used with cubecell

  1. For detecting water leak (rope based) . I found one in aliexpress will this work ?)

  2. Temperature / humidity sensor (rope based). I found one in aliexpress. Will this work (

Can we use above 2 sensors together with cubecell ?

Thank you

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the BS18B20 is only a temperature sensor, no humidity and is using the OneWire protocol.
right now my firmwares are not supporting oneWire because the scan sometimes let the cubecell hang.
i am debugging this right now and hope to have firmware with onewire support up next week.

for your water leak sensor you will need a little more electronic. to use the gpios you need a digital signal with 0 for dry and 1 for wet for example.

@rsmedia i will be very happy to test your firmware using onewire protocol support. Currently i have ordered 2 boards from heltec and is waiting for their delivery. Once I get it will test it with your cubecell configurator. It would be also nice if you can add support for IN865-867 band for india in your configurator. Thanks again.

@BDM i now have the IN865 band added in the configurator and uploaded the firmware files.
now without OneWire. But hope to have a stable version with OneWire next week.

@rsmedia. Thanks for your efforts and the contribution to the community