Sensor Reset Auto Reset

I have a HTCC-AB01 and it seems to stop working every 10 minutes. After which i have to do a power cycle, or press the reset buttons on the sensor for it to start up again.
As a quick fix, i wanted to know if there was a code that could set the sensor to auto-reset every 10 minutes?
I am new, and therefore don’t know how to code and would be extremely grateful for any help as i try to learn and I have been trying hard to find a solution
Thank you very much in advance.

@KarlR could you please at least tell us what sensor you got? Wiring and sketch would also be helpful.
Regards, Edi

you can try to add the watchdog for an auto reset of the node.
an example ist found in the sources

@wasn Thank you for getting back. Can you please help me on how to do that? I am sorry, i am a newbie.

just have a look at this example:

add this line at the start of your code:

#include "innerWdt.h"

and add this to your setup function:


You can test the Board with the example RGB.ino.

Is there also a auto-reset every 10 minutes?