Sending from Heltec Lora V2 to Rola Radio Node 1

Hi, I purchased three Rola Radio Node 1 and one Heltec Lora ESP32 V2 from an AliExpress supplier ( that now reveals that they dont know how the two can be sending receiving data. The Radio Node 1 are atmega so i was able to program send/receive basic code on them and successfully run them. But what to do if i want data to be sent from Radio Node and received at Heltec ESP32 Lora? How do i program HESP32 Lora? Can anyone here help?

Use this program to complete point-to-point communication.

I used the library

for Atmega328

As long as the configuration parameters are the same, communication is possible.

Hi, thanks for the links. My luck with trying to get it worked on a RFM95 device sending to a Heltec Lora did not work. So i am checking if the code works between two Heltec devices. I used the attached programs in the link on two heltec lora esp32 V2 devices. THe sender part works. The receiver part gets stuck before initializing lora and prints (…). So it seems the issue here is connecting with a corresponding sender. Can you please comment where i am getting it wrong.

Finally found the solution in a discussion on Rui Santos where someone pointed that deapite the library SPI pins have to be declared as
SPI.begin(/sck/ 5, /miso/ 19, /mosi/ 27, /ss/ ss);
And thats to be added only in the reciever code! Anyway it works. Certainly the links provided here do not work.