Sending data to cubecell using MQTT

My setup is an M02 and a couple of AB02’s with sensors.

The sensor data is being published on the M02 and a remote application is subscribed and receiving that data.

On the cubecell there are a couple of config variables I would like to alter from time to time, these are the alert level for the temperature and the sample time for the sensor. Ideally i would like to send this infor using MQTT and have tried sending the data to application/91/device/2232330000888802/tx but im not seeing anyting on the cubecell.

I can send hex values via the M02 and that works but in this situation the config will have to come from another application.

You can’t use MQTT.

Convert the payload into bytes you can sent to the node!

Thanks, I may have to look at another option to get the data there maybe via the API as the only access the external system will have is via MQTT at this stage. May have ot just create a script that subscribes to the topic, if something turns up it converts the settings to bytes and sends it out to the cubecells.

Its a bit of a pain as i cant have anytimng other than MQTT visible from this site and the entire broker/application server needs to be somewhat self contained and isolated.