Send data twice using LoRaWAN before sleep

HI Everyone,

We are developing a solution using Heltec Wireless Stick Lite Board.
We have 2 sensors connected to the board, each sensor give us lots of information, but enough to be send using LoRaWAN when we are talking about just one sensor.

Is there a Way to:
Send the data from sensor 1 -> Wait a little bit -> Send data from sensor 2 -> Sleep

We are trying to do this, but we are not reaching the success.

Could someone help us?

Thanks in Advance!

Best Regards,
Winner Martins

You can send out the two data once. Then there is no problem.

Thank You for your Answer, navi!
This is not possible, the payload becomes too big, then we lost the package. Once we made a test to try the maximum payload we could reach on the distance we need. This is why we think about send from one sensor, sleep and then send from another. We reach to a solution here. I will share what we’ve done here.