Self-use RGB-Led during LoRaWAN

Is it possible to switch of RGB for LoRaWAN, so that i can use the RGB-LED for own use? (CubeCell HTCC-AB01)



Tools -> LoraWan_RGB -> DEACTIVE.

Thank You! I will test it!


Hello, I’m using the HTCC-AB01 with battery, and power for the rest of the circuit is supplied via the gpio2 pin (PMW1), before deep-sleep if i put the command analogWrite(PWM1, 0), the big RGB led on the HTCC-AB01 became green despite I do this procedure Tools -> LoraWan_RGB -> DEACTIVE.
Can anyone help me?

You can’t use the PWM pins to power other devices, that could damage the chip. Tools -> LoraWan_RGB is only valid in LoRaWAN related codes. If you need to set RGB in other codes, you need to modify the code yourself.

OK thanks,
but if I need for example to power external sensors, in my case I have three analogic sensor connected to an ADC. I want to read the value every 15 minutes or if the HTCC-AB01 will be wake up by externale signal. I need to put the htcc in deep-sleep and also remove the power supply to the rest of the circuit. If I connect the sensor directly to the external battery the rest of circuit continues to consume battery power. My question what is the right pin where I can connect the rest of circut in way to do not consume battery during deep sleep mode?

You can use the VEXT pin to power the sensor, and when going to sleep, pull the VEXT control pin high to turn off VEXT. You can refer to the schematic diagram of AB01.

Yes but it will not consume battery if I put high the value of Vext?

It can be seen from the schematic diagram that the switch of VEXT is controlled by a MOS tube. When the control IO is pulled high, VEXT is in an off state and will not consume the battery.

But the output of the Vext it is direclty dependent from the value of the power supply of the battery, if for example the level of the battery it is 5 volt the output it is 4.3V if it is 4.7V the output it is 4V, how can be handle this problem?

No, the Vext output is 3.3V.

I just tested with the multimeter, if the power supply is via usb the output of the Vext is 3.27 with the battery is 4.93V

The battery are 5 Volt and the Vext it is 4.3, can you suggest please a solution? I need a pin that can generate output for 3.3V or similar in stable way

As you can see from the schematic, Vext is provided by VDD (3.3V), so when using battery power, the voltage of Vext should also be 3.3V. What is the battery voltage you use?