Schematic of new Heltec ESP32-S3 Wireless Tracker product

Is there any chance to have the schematic file available in this folder: ?

Thank you!

I can access both V0.3 and V0.5 schematic files on that page.

The version numbering scheme chosen looks a bit confusing, because the actual product label contains V1.0 marking (not V0.3 or V0.5)
The product been purchased in June corresponds to V0.3 schematic layout.
V0,5 looks like a minor bugfix / improvement design which is not yet available for sale, is that right ?

I’ve noticed that V0.5 has:

  • different TFT backlight control GPIO assignment
  • GNSS and TFT supply voltage is Vext now
  • Vext control signal is reversed relative to V0.3
  • 32768 Hz XTAL is available for low power sleep operations
  • V_backup circuit of GNSS chip has no XH414 ‘supercapacitor’ anymore