RESOLVED: Using OLED for own purpose


first of all, i really appreciate the forum here and the great amount of helpful information.
I am new to programming and want to use a -AB02 with an external ublox GPS module
as a TTN-Mapper device. As a start i am using the example sketch “LoRaWan_OnBoardGPS_Air530”
and its working with no problems so far.
Unfortunately i am not able to display GPS information (lat, lon, hdop,…) on the OLED,
because it is used for LoRaWan messages. Even the GPS related messages in the example
sketch are not displayed.
Is there a way to disable the LoRaWan messages to use the OLED for my own purpose?
Any hints?


OK, so i found my mistake, the HTCC-AB02S board uses a SSD1306 display,
whereas my HTCC-AB02 (without S) uses a SH1107 display with the same 128x64 pixels.

So just edit the line:
extern SSD1306Wire display;
extern SH1107Wire display;
and it works :slight_smile:


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