Receiving Data from Gateway to Heltec LoRa V2 Node

I am able to send data from the node to the gateway, but I am not receiving the data that I am sending from the gateway into the node.

I am using as a gateway a RG1xx Laird, as a server ChirpStack and as node a Heltec ESP32 Wifi LoRa (V2), using the LoRaWAN Heltec library.

As there are not a lot of documentation of the library, I am not sure where is, in the code, the function that makes the receiving communication and how interact with it.

Can anyone help me with this? Thank you.

The node automatically prints to the serial port after receiving, and if you have not closed it, this function is always on.
There are a few points you need to pay attention to:

  1. The node and server mode should be the same (CLASS_A or CLASS_C).
  2. The validity of the data, the maximum of a single data is 255.
  3. Check if the gateway forwards? It is possible that the server requested too much transmission power, and the gateway would not forward if it did not support such a large power.

I was able to receive some data, but what I want is the node only to receive data, no send, and I don´t know how to stop sending messages.

I want the node to listen all the time, it doesn´t have to send any information, only the join.

What should I do?

It needs to send an acknowledgment frame at intervals to ensure a normal connection. If you want to monitor all the time, you just need to set it to CLASS_C, and then set it to send an uplink frame for 1 hour.

Ok, changing that it works much better.

Thank you very much!