Question for documentation


I am confused with a lot of diffrent webpages which provide documentaiton for Heltec lora devices. On the github there are ESP_LORAWAN and Heltec_ESP32 libraries. Can you tell what is the difference?

Both have LoRa examples, which one should I consider for board?

“LoRa” in “Heltec_ESP32” is a point-to-point program, and “ESP_LORAWAN” is a LoRaWAN program. If you want to make the node communicate with the gateway, you can use “OTTA” in “ESP_LORAWAN”.

point-to-point means node communicate with each other right? But why there is not eui,dui, address etc fields?

This communication method is for communication between multiple nodes (here this is lora, not lorawan). The gateway and the server are not involved. Of course without these parameters