Problems sending data using LoRaWAN

I am using the Heltec LoRaWAN library with a Heltec WiFi LoRa (V2), a RG1xx Laird Gateway and Chirpstack as server.

I was able to connect the Heltec, and I am sending messages and receiving the corresponding ACK. But my problem is that I don´t know what I am sending, I don´t see in the code where I choose the payload.

In the server I am receiving always: AAECAw==

I think it is base64 but when I decode it, I don´t obtain nothing readable.

Can anyone help me? Thank you.

AAECAw= (you have an extra =) decodes to
Malformed input…

So, that means that I am having a problem in the sending? Is it a standard message for malformed input?
Or you were able to decode in somehow?

I just checked what your message was as decoded base64 and then took 1 character off and got clear text. So I’d suggest check if the message has 1 or 2 “=”.
If I’m right and it does say “malformed input” then it looks like you are sending something that is not expected, ie do they want bytes in certain order and your sending strings.
I would look to see if the server has logs to see what was malformed.
Also look for example code to send 1,2,3 or hello world and maybe post the code you have and the logs, so someone better at code can help.

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