Problem with wifimanager and WSL V3

Dears. I have problem with tray to use wifimanager (tzupa) and WSL V3. I´m using 0.0.8 Heltec library. After compiled of source I can´t to see WiFi ssid. thanks.

This chip has 2 cores
ChipId en string: 702E82FA12F4
*wm:No wifi saved, skipping
*wm:AutoConnect: FAILED for 21 ms
*wm:StartAP with SSID: 702E82FA12F4
*wm:AP IP address:
*wm:Starting Web Portal

I recently experienced the same Problem. Other versions of manager work to various degrees. I tried them all and found “WiFiProvisioner” to be both elegant and flawless. I was also able to easily customize it with new graphics and callbacks. Good Luck.

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