Problem with tracker board

Hello. I can´t to install Heltec ESP32 Dev Board 0.0.8 (IDe Arduino) for Tracker board. Thanks for any information.

Hi @mtibaldi, see this topic: Heltec Wireless Tracker & WiFi_Kit_series 0.0.8

You may want to first install version 0.0.7 to make life easier, if you haven’t already. To do that, add the following URL in the Additional Boards field in Preferences: and then download the 0.0.7 version through the Board Manager. That way, the local file structure will already be setup.

Thanks very much. I have install version 0.0.7, but this version not incluide Heltec Tracker. When I try to install 0.0.8 one error of checksun appaer. Yours