Problem with activating the Hotspot

I have Problems with activating my Hotspots.
In the App, everything working fine, but the Hotspot doesnt appear afterwards.
Yesterday I got an error “invalid, insufficient_balance”. Today there is no error anymore. Just dont work.
Has anybody the same error?

I got the same error when trying to update location / assert for the first time. I had registered the hotspot to my wallet and updated the snapshot/sync at my place but when I was deploying it at another location the first time i tried to assert location and had that same error. I have been trying to remotely assert it now with no error or any message since. 4 tries since the first “insufficient balance” error with no notification. Maybe it takes time? not sure but have not seen this before.

it still says i have 1 free location ?

Yes. I’ve been trying for a couple of hours with no luck. Any sugestions on how to pass this?