Problem using lora kit 151 with SX1301 Gateway

I am new to lorawan. I’ve recently been trying to connect a lora kit 151 node to a SX1301 gateway. But I’ve been unable to get anything on the gateway so far. I tried both the USE_BAND_470 and the USE_BAND_470PREQUEL option. I tried changing the frequency in LoraMac.c. image I just can’t get anything in the packet logger.
Here is my gateway configuration:
I also changed these configurations:
Can someone please help me?

Gateway config:

Is your node normal in LoRa point-to-point communication?
This is used to rule out the bad effects of LoRa hardware.

Problem solved. I changed the LoRaMacParamsDefaults.ChannelsMask[5] to 0x00FF and LoRaMacParamsDefaults.ChannelsMask[0] to 0x0000. I also changed LORA_MAX_NB_CHANNELS from 64 to 96, which I think is a mistake made by the author of the demo code.