Power Consumption testing

I’m trying to test power consumption with this example: LoRaWan.ino (LoRaWAN.sleep(); ) on AS923 Region
I connect Cubecell to DC-Gen and Ammeter is shown on below fig.

I measured a current 7.8 mA during sleep mode (LoRaWAN.sleep(); )
How to reduce current?


Have a look in this thread

I have seen your thread and please show me your product

Thank you.

you have nothing changed in that example code?
is the cubecell connected to a loraserver?

  1. I only changed ABP parameter for my lora sever
  2. yes It’s connected to a loraserver


let me share my experience and honestly I got no clue why such an issue occurs.

I made a sketch and upload it via Arduino IDE. It’s simple sketch, which wakeup each 1 hour and report some data and also wake up and send dat if GPIO state change.

  1. I tested it and found that the avg. consumption is like 40-55uA
  2. did long time test with battery monitoring, shortly realised that battery is drained unexpectedly high, so I did the power consumption tests again, found out the consumption of approx. 8mA :frowning: Tried to remove all addtional components connected via GPIO , found that CubeCell itself consume 7.8mA

I WAS LOST OF IDEAS SO I REFLASH THE CUBECELL USING THE SAME SKETCH AND GUESS WHAT - I can again easily measure consumption of 40-55uA (question is - FOR HOW LONG? )

May I kindly ask for your support to explain me such behaviour.
(Using 0.0.5)

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Noone got an idea, what can be wrong?

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I mistake that set Class C for testing current consumption and a problem is solved by changed Class C to Class A. I measured a current 9.8 uA during sleep mode.

I have a new issue about cubecell connect to GPS module ATGM336H
I connect GPS module to cubecell using Vext —>3.3V, GND —>GND, GPIO —> TX,PPS

—> active Vext supply voltage 3.3V by digitalWrite(Vext, LOW);
—> sleep Vext cut voltage by digitalWrite(Vext, HIGH);
when sleep I measure current 0.98mA and
voltage between Vext and GND equal 1.1V (I think voltage from Vbat of GPS module)
How to reduce current during sleep mode