PlatforumIO support not up to date with Arduino core

Any chance of the updates since September in the Arduino core being ported over to the platform-asrmicro650x please?

Spent ages trying to understand why things are missing and its because PlatformIO support is lagging by 3 months commits.

Why are you running them out of sync?

Looks like I have to port every commit over to PlatformIO by hand then :frowning:


we will update the system at next few days.

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do we have a date for this? sorry to chase

do we have a date for updating the PlatformIO/Arduino ?

Sorry, we just have finised a big project.

We will fix it nexy few days.

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we have updated it. We haven’t merged it yet.

We will continue to update those examples in the future.

I can see the Arduino code is bumped to v1.2 but the platform-asrmicro650x is still pulling down v1.1.0

Success, using the following in platformio.ini

platform =
board = cubecell_node
framework = arduino
platform_packages =


I still think you need to release a new platform platform-asrmicro650x to point to 1.2 arduino release

LoRaWAN.setDataRateForNoADR(DR_5) is working now :+1:

Thanks for putting the time into this

Already update to the newest 1.2.0 version.

Some issue with the new v.2.0 platform support still pulling down v1.1 framework only, see below (does it need publishing to planformio too?):

this is why I am having to still use:

platform_packages =

Ok all sorted, removed and cleaned and reinstalled the platform and all good :+1:

any change of pushing the last couple of months updates to platformio please



We will update it soon.

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three weeks have passed, any update?

months and months pass, still no update - need 1.3 release

Any feedback please on a new release?