Order a hotspot at heltec.org/offline-sales

Hi to everyone!
Does anyone have experience ordering a hotspot through the website: https://heltec.org/offline-sales/
How is the order paid for?
Is there a danger of fraud?
I have anxious premonitions.

It is legit. I ordered through this sales channel at the beginning of September. They promised to send it within 30 working days and they kept the timeline. Delivery was through Fedex and took some time to arrive in the UK (more than 2 weeks), but overall the process was good. The payment was made via international bank transfer to their account.

Тhanks for the answer, friend. Please tell me how much the delivery to your country cost.


As on the screenshot, shipping was 52.40USD. I bought 2 units, the price per unit was 459 at that time, now I think it is 499.
I also paid 20% import duties on the arrival of the package, but that was expected.

I want to order one hotspot as a sample and get it in Ukraine. The manager pre-calculated the delivery of $ 78.

i have ordered 2 pieces, and payed through paypal, they gave me an ordernumber, but didnt receive an email from their Erp system, and after i payed there was no answer, hope it is all okey

Thanks for the answer.
I hope that you, my friend, will be fine.
Please, when did you place the order and to which country?

i ordered yesterday after 3 days of emailing and i am from Turkey

Thanks. I also ordered one and just paid for the order through PayPal. I hope that we will all be fine.

H i Friend! It seems to me that 30 working days have passed to fulfill your order. Do you have any news about this? Did you receive a letter with a track number?

unfortunataly no news so far

Have you, my friend, not contacted the manager who accepted your order?