Onewire HTCC-AB01 / 02

i have an AB01 board working with a DS18B20 but i can’t get it working on a AB02.
Using the same sketch and the same pins.
Anyone had issues with with the new AB02 and onewire ?

Ok seems to be an issue with the board soldert the sensor on an other AB02 and there it is working fine without issues.

Yes, the 6502 and 6501 have a same core, the same code should work on both board.

Just need be careful about the pin, the 6502 series have some different pin definition with 6501

Yes it worked fine without any issues after i replaced the 6501 with another one i ordered it was just a dead board

Ouch… very sorry about that. Maybe the pin is virtual welding.

Would you mind sharing how you wired up the DS18B20 please?

Do you need an external resistor?

Yes i used a external resistor.

The wirering is link how its done int this example i found here

Thanks, was hoping to avoid another resistor by using an internal pullup