OLED Display and sensors with cubecell

I just received my cubecell boards and want to use it to monitor my sailing boat from remote. This application would be great for a lot of boaters, caravaners…

As I am not a c++ programmer, I hope to finde a sketch, that can be modified for my use case with some help of the experts here.
I’d like to connect a bme280 (not tested yet, but that should be possible with the sample sketch in Arduino).

Further more I’d like to:

  • wake up the board by a PIR sensor and sent msg to TTN
  • connect switches (mechanical or digital) to e.g. report water intrusion.
  • read the voltage of the 12V batteries over the ADC port and report it to TTN. I already found, that you must remove a resistor on the board for this and use a voltage divider.

If I could see some information on an OLED display it would be even better.

My concrete questions are:

  • how to connect switches to the board and modify the sketch to send the states to TTN?
  • how to report the 12 volt ADC readings to TTN
  • can I connect a OLED display together with the bme280 sensor on the I2C bus?
  • How can I send measurements to the OLED display?

It would be really great, if I could get some help here.


Hey Martin,
nice project. I have some hints for you.
The user button on the board can be used. If you don’t like it, just solder some wires parallel to this button and add a button of your choice.
Read the button (there are enough examples for this in the general arduino examples).
There are also many examples in the general arduino area which will help you regarding what has to be done for that kind of stuff.
I²C: Yes, you can add as many I2C devices to a bus, but you have to be carefull, that only one device on the bus has the pullups enabled.
Oled: Also here, there are many examples available.

Have fun learning this stuff. The learning curve is steep, and you have to start easy, so first start with a button and a blinking LED, if that works, continue to the more sophisticated stuff.


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