Number of times I can send data per hour using US915 band

Hello everyone. I work in the US915 band and I have found this document:
In which it says that if I use a channel less than 250 kHz I can transmit every 20 seconds, but if I use a channel greater than or equal to 250 KHz I must transmit every 10 seconds.

Is this correct?. Is anyone aware of this regulation please tell me how many times per day can I broadcast using the 915US band

You want to know the minimum time interval, right?

LoRaWAN is a protocol suitable for slow communication. As we tested many days ago, sending 128 bytes of data, plus the data header and some information of the LoRaWAN protocol itself, in 125K bandwidth, SF7, takes about 230 milliseconds.


Coupled with the server processing time, processing downlink and ACK, the system running timeā€¦ In the case where the gateway is close and there are few nodes, the interval between two transmission times should not be less than 15 seconds.

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Yes, I wanted to know the period that I must wait to transmit again, according to the regulations in the US915 band. Thanks for your answer. From what I can appreciate and understand, the lower the channel width, the longer the transmission time, in your case you use a 125KHz channel and you estimate can transmit every 15 seconds (240 times / hour), which is that regulation mentions, we should avoid transmitting in this way since the efficiency of the battery would decrease and the network would be overloaded, but it is necessary to know the regulations and know the limitations. Your experience has helped me a lot, thanks