No witnesses after 5 days of bening synced

My miner has been online for 5 days, and synced, but I get zero witnesses. These are all the details and things I have checked already:

  • Miner: Heltec Indoor Miner
  • Hotspot name: Glamorous Lavender Meerkat
  • online: 5 days
  • Antenna: 8dbi - 10 meters high (clear line of sight for miles)
  • Discovery mode finds +100 hotspots (so I assume the antenna is working fine)
  • Hotspot is not relayed
  • Hotspot is synced (when I look at the diagnostics)
  • Diagnostics on the hotspot are all green (inbound/outbound/synced/nat type: none)
  • Helium API: synced
  • Stakejoy API: syncing
  • Explorer: syncing
  • found

Anybody any bright ideas?

Have you changed the hotspot location? The witnesses will be cleared after changing the location.


Thank you for your reply!

I knew that the list was reset after I updated my antenna data, however I would have expected that in my beacon data I would still see “witnessed beacon”, however that was not the case.

That said however, I think two hours after posting this, the miner did start picking up on witness traffic, so I think I was just to impatient here!

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There has also been issues with the helium blockchain the past few days :slight_smile: glad this issue come good for you tho! All the best

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